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NEW 2022

I will post 'new' work here before moving it to its permanent place elswhere on the site.
Following a visit to USA in May I have been making my own version of 'barn quilts'. These brightly painted boards are to be found hung on 100 year old barns in the mid west.
So taking up my brushes and mahl stick, some large squares and off cuts of 12mm plywood, lots of undercoat and exterior grade gloss paints and signwriters enamels....
These works are for sale at The Walronds, Cullompton, Devon venue 157 of Devon Open Studios. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday between 10 and 5 until 24th September


One English robin adapted from a similar board of a red cardinal
50 x 50cms


One straight copy of 'Sunflower'
50 x 50cms


My own design 'Ripening corn stalks'
57 x 62 cms

In case you are wondering, all hand drawn and hand painted, no frog tape in sight. These are all one off's and will be available to buy at Devon Open Studios venue 127 and much more besides


'Night Blooms' 
60 x42cms



80 x80 cms

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