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Gallery including ideas and drafts

Gallery of works, drafts and ideas giving further insight into the style and skills of Jo's work.


Chalk and white gel on black paper


Forties (4 T's) Gold leaf on blue Canford Card.
Original and blank cards of this available on request


Making use of the centre of wrapping paper roll - sheet of recycled mottled brown card. Lovely stuff to draw on. Feather made up of zentangles - an absorbing process which is a great stress buster

Image: Event notices

Display Headings freely written with steel nib and gouache on coloured card.

Image: Quotation

Draft quotation in ink and gouache

Image: Illustration

Pen drawing of 'goose house' in grounds at Godolphin House, Cornwall 2014


'S' tangled becomes 'snowbird' unplanned and nice surprise.

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