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Image: Penned heading Calligraphy

Calligraphy, whether formal or expressive, is a joy to create and to behold.

There are still some things a computer cannot do.
It cannot inscribe a book or picture mount.

Jo creates work for sale and undertakes commissions.



Wesley quotation in white gouache on dark paper 19cms x 10cms

Image: Gold leaf Initial letter on vellum

Initial letter in gold leaf on vellum decorated in gouche drawn with a pen. The design is taken from historical references.

So for those who love individuality and want to escape from the mass produced - then hand completed invitations, certificates, a personal letterhead (see also Illustration page), commemorative inscriptions, the family tree that someone has spent years diligently researching or favourite sayings make wonderful unique gifts.


Sponged acrylic paint over resist lettering. Limited edition print from original on Wookey Hole handmade paper.

Image: Logo design

Logo design

Image: Mr Giraffe illustrated poem

Illustrated poem


6cm square 23 carat gold leaf initial letter on cartridge paper decorated with pen drawn water coloured themed imagery.
Available to commision - each one individually designed and made to order. 

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