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Villu Toots Master Estonian Calligrapher

 In 1991 Jo was instrumental in enabling Villu Toots, the Estonian virtuoso calligrapher, to undertake a workshop tour in the UK and was gifted a large collection of his work which remains a constant source of inspiration.


The above photograph is of Villu demonstrating his art.

Together with
 John Shyvers, Jo and Villu met with Heather Child at her home which was a great joy. These three great calligraphers had somehow stayed in touch throughout years of Villu's isolation behind the Iron curtain.


Image: Villu Toots work

Image: Villu Toots quotation

Two of a set of four book plates given me by Villu Toots. There were 100 copies of each plate all individually signed in his immaculate hand. Astonishing.


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