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Villu Toots Master Estonian Calligrapher

Visit facebook page Villu Tootsi Kalligrafia for more examples of Villu's work. New pages added intermittently.

 In 1991 Jo was instrumental in enabling Villu Toots, the Estonian virtuoso calligrapher, to undertake a workshop tour in the UK and was gifted a large collection of his work which remains a constant source of inspiration.


The above photograph is of Villu demonstrating his art.

Together with
 John Shyvers, Jo and Villu met with Heather Child at her home which was a great joy. These three great calligraphers had somehow stayed in touch throughout years of Villu's isolation behind the Iron curtain.


Image: Villu Toots work

Image: Villu Toots quotation

Two of a set of four book plates given me by Villu Toots. There were 100 copies of each plate all individually signed in his immaculate hand. Astonishing.


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